And now, a picture story. Big-Sky style.

A few weeks ago, I went to Yellowstone:

With this guy:

To see this guy:

We saw wildlife:

And sci-fi scenes:

And soaked up beauty:

And pretended to be nature buffs:

And despite the completely and utterly terrifying night that included a 103-mile detour in the climbing altitude during a blizzard in BISON COUNTRY...which ended up including a night curled up in the back of a truck and maybe also a few tears (after an encounter with a happy drunk and quite the ordeal to fill up our depleting gas tank. Debit card-less. When all gas stations were closed.) and ended with waking up to a HERD OF BISON OUTSIDE MY WINDOW...we really did have a great time.

Thanks, Nick. We miss you. (For more photos, click here.)


From your little girl:

To the man who makes the finest hot dogs,
Loves him some coconut cream pie,
And infused our life with hard work, humor,
(and maybe a little bit of mischief),
I just want to say...

p.s. If you like our gift, it was totally my idea.
If not, you know who was to blame...


One guess

Scenario: Imagine your favorite person is half-way around the world for 40 days. Do you:

a) Go on an impromptu shopping spree and walk away with Smurf-colored wedges and a floaty, summery dress?

b) Watch (parts of) three chick flicks, finish a book, take a loooong walk and paint your toenails--all in one night?

c) Find yourself doing completely erratic things such as Googling "plane crashes, American airlines"?

d) Feel completely and overwhelmingly blessed to have such supportive (and fun!) friends and a (somewhat shaky, but nonetheless present) faith in what one cannot see?

e) All of the above


Reading list, as of late:

This with amusement,
This with vigor,
This with shame,
This with heartache,
This with hope,
This with laughter,
This with sadness,
This with confusion,
This with annoyance,
This with intrigue,
This with faith.

***p.s. Please bear with me. A real post is coming soon, I swear!***