Point of view.

When it comes to school, my 4th grade perfectionist pops up way. too. often. This is increasingly clear when discussing "academic issues" with my dear husband who is totally a perfectionist in his own way...but who gawks at me open-mouthed after I merely suggest that my teacher is being totally and utterly ridiculous by suggesting a REVIEW should not include PERSONAL OPINIONS because correct me if I'm wrong but ISN'T THAT THE DEFINITION OF A REVIEW?!...to which Adam said, "Yeah, so, how many points did you lose on this assignment, exactly?" and I said "Well, none exactly, but that isn't the point because as you can see here on the rubric he almost took half a point off and that is completely unwarranted AM I RIGHT?" to which he says, "....." "...????...." and then just shakes his head.

In totally unrelated news, I think I may be a tad sensitive to criticism?