For lunch today, all my plans went out the window.

I had frosted cherry vending machine PopTarts (sorry Mom) and sat entranced in my cubicle as I devoured 59 pages of this book.

Yeah. THAT good.

And I would read 59 more straight through if I could.


Shoutout Tylie for the FABULOUS recommendation!

p.s. I nabbed* it last night at the library and had a near anxiety attack as I searched and searched for the correct call number, totally overwhelmed by the many shelves that surrounded me (it is not my usual library branch). Just when I found the correct section and was really scanning, a girl pops in and starts standing right next to me! Scanning the same shelves! What are the odds?! Panicking, I started scanning faster but was too distracted by her and her quick movements(What if she grabs it? I can't believe this is happening!). She even pulled one off the shelf! LUCKILY it was not this book and I did find it quickly after and grabbed that sucker as fast as I could...just for her to look over and say so sweetly, "Oh! That is my favorite book! You are going to love it!" And in case you are reading this, Frantic Girl From the Stacks, I DO!

p.s.s. Who says nabbed?!



Have a few minutes?

Go here. Accept the challenge.

Certainly gave me something to think about.


Um, Couponers...and Terri's Super Awesome Savory Pot Roast Recipe!

Please tell me everything I need to know about couponing.

Bonus points if it involves a favorite coupon source that is online.

Triple gold star bonus points if it involves our very favorite grocery story Hyvee.

There has to be a method to this madness...right?


Oh also!  Recently I cried out for crock pot help and Terri posted this AMAZING roast recipe in the comments (Thanks Terri!).

It is easy. It is delicious. It is the perfect fall come-home-to-yumminess-and-the-leftovers-taste-just-as-amazing meal.

Sooooo yeah. It's pretty awesome. But not as awesome as Terri. OBVIOUSLY.

Here are her directions:

Recipe: Terri's Super Awesome Savory Pot Roast
-1 can (10.75 oz) Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup
-1 pouch of Dry Onion Soup and Recipe Mix
-6 medium potatoes cut into 1 inch cubes
-6 medium carrots thickly sliced (about 3 cups)
-1 (3.5-4#) boneless chuck pot roast, trimmed.

Put all ingredients in the slow cooker, mix it up, and cook on low for 8-9 hours.


p.s. I think I'm a Pinning addict.

p.s.s. Kelley totally saved the day. Not only did she write her own post with great suggestions...she gave me this link! THANK YOU Kelley!


We interrupt this blogcast to bring you this service announcement:

I'm pinning! I'm pinning!

Fill a girl in on how to be the most Pinterest-ing of them all?

(Or just how to do it without embarrassing myself?)

((Or MORE importantly, how to get more self control and stop spending so much time online which is decreasing my social skills, my spelling, my time management, my attention span, etc etc etc?!))

....But you guys!? It's fun.


Oh no you didn't.

Adam: This whole Netflix thing is all the buzz.

Me: Yeah.

Adam: People are really upset* about it!

Me: Pretty crazy.

Adam: Consumers act so entitled these days, you know?

Me: Mmmhmmm.

Adam: Kind of like when Gap redesigned their logo...




"We have only one story. All novels, all poetry, are built on the never-ending contest in ourselves of good and evil. And it occurs to me that evil must constantly respawn, while good, while virtue, is immortal. Vice has always a new fresh young face, while virtue is venerable as nothing else in the world is." 

-Steinbeck (East of Eden)


Things I need to work on:

  • Contentment.
  • Not eating cookies for dinner. Twice.
  • Not training for a 5K. Again. (Which, incidentally, is tomorrow. EEK!)
  • Not putting off hard things.
  • Being present in the moment. 
  • Not posting stupid blogs.

    ...I won't tell you what I'm about to eat for dinner (hint: see #2) while pretending #3 is not true (which of course means I am doing #4). ...I think I just did #6 again.

    Happy weekending!

    p.s. This blew my mind. (via.)



    • A wooden pew, I'm so sorry for your loss, a bewildering, unexpected reunion of old faces. Again.
    • A dead car, Hold on, I'm coming, a husband driving many, many miles to rescue his very, very stressed out wife, a mom who says, Here, take my car, a dad who says, Hey, everything alright?
    • A million, zillion post its flying out of my pores. The eye twitch. A to-do list written and lost within minutes. Being told I can literally see the stress on your face.
    • A messy kitchen. A messy home. A messy life. A bag of candy corn half eaten on the ride home from the store. 
    • Soaking up the sun. Breathing in the cool air. A walk, a needed phone call, kind words, deep breaths.
    • Peeking out the window shade, snuggled under the blanket, sipping coffee, watching the sun rise. A new day always dawns.