Priorities upon returning home:

1. Oklahoma Joe's
2. Longest shower ever (oh the glory!)
3. Sleep
4. Stare at the adorable photos of kids you just met that are so cute you still can't get over it
5. Wonder what's next



As you can imagine, we took a ton of photos during our stay in India. We decided to post them as a slideshow. A loooooong slideshow. Fair warning.

Take a look if you are interested!



First, we are back from India!!! It was a wonderful, challenging, stretching, beautiful, whirlwind of a trip. Thank you for all your prayers and encouraging words!

I am writing this after my first day back to work and "real life."

I'm still operating on London time. We don't have any groceries. I'm catching up--on email, on snail mail, on life.

I'm processing. We saw a lot of things. A lot of hopeful things. Some hard things. A lot of unknown things that just don't quite translate and don't fit into any of my preconceived boxes. I'm not even totally sure how to think or much less talk about the trip yet.

I'm trying to take this time and let myself just slowly enter into life as I know it. And yet, I do this while knowing that I am the same...but different. I still want to write a million lists on post its each day. I still want to eat healthier, follow up on work projects, rethink our finances, clean out our bedroom.

And yet...

I just saw the world from such a different perspective.

So as I'm making coffee at home in the morning, I giggle as I remember sweet Akash's adorable silly faces that he made when we played Red Rover.

And as I share a bit about our India experience with my friend Amy, I feel suddenly really emotional. Not teary or anything. Just full of feeling. 

It's a delicate time and I want to share it with you. But I also ask for some grace and some space to figure things out in my time.

It's good to be home.