"A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short."

-According to this book I am reading, this is an Amish saying (page 193). According to the Google search I just did, it is credited to Andre Maurois. Either way (or perhaps both/and?), I like it.



Hi blog. I miss you. Almost as much as I miss my summer freedom. But I won't talk about that because Sara, summer is gone. It is fall.

And that's okay because I have so many reasons to give thanks! Opportunities. Provision. Community. A joy-full season of marriage. So many reasons.

And so we are trying to re-order our lives a bit and make some improvements and everything is a bit clunky and well, some days, we just drink more coffee and push through.

I could tell you about a lot of things but instead I think I'll just share with you the latest phrase I have scribbled on a Post It and taped on my computer at work.

I borrowed it from someone I greatly admire and have never (and likely will never) meet in person. I just follow her blog and am constantly amazed at her strength, beauty, and most of all unwavering faith in the midst of rather nightmare-ish circumstances. You can follow her blog here. And you should. You really, really should.

Anyway, I feel a little silly borrowing this from her because if you read her blog you will be inspired and if you read my blog you will know what season of Teen Mom I am currently watching (4) and who makes the best dipped cones (Dairy Queen. OMG. No contest.). Ahem. One of these things is not like the other...

Lest this preface drag on even more, here it is:

Do Today Well.

I think I can handle that.


Some things:

  • Today is one of those "dress up because it has not been the best week ever...just fake it til you make it" kind of days. Anyone know what I am talking about here? No? Okay cool. Well I don't care because my fashion blogger is wearing  animal print today and SO AM I! Don't pretend like you don't have a fashion blogger. Unless you really don't. Then stop judging me.
  • On the way to work the other day, a fly was buzzing around the car and driving me crazy. I also should point out that I am not a morning person and had not yet had my coffee. I may or may not have yelled LEAVE YOU IDIOT! with my window cracked about 3 inches (WHICH I will also point out is like 5 fly lengths AT LEAST) and my husband may or may not have told me, "You better blog that." After he finished hyperventilating with laughter. Boom. Blogged. For you husband. And perhaps for my father should he be reading this. (Hi Dad!)
  • I was eating lunch with my longtime bff today when a kid at the table next to us asked, "Um, excuse me? Where did you get that Jolly Rancher?" and I said nicely, "Everyone gets candy with their meal here! You will get one too!" but because I have a SOUL I gave him my green apple candy on the way out AND HE SAID, "Ew. I think there's something wrong with this. I do not want this. LOOK. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS! It looks WEIRD." And I was like LOOK KID. IT'S BEEN A LONG WEEK. I WAS JUST TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING HERE. NOW YOU MADE ME FEEL WEIRD AND CREEPY. (Don't worry I said all that in my head. Okay actually I said that out loud to my bff on the way to the car.) I realized approximately 7 minutes ago that I in fact got mad at a child for not taking candy from a stranger. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You win, little guy. You win.
  • I need a weekend.