• Life has seemed a bit slower--refreshingly, mercifully so--which means plenty of time to get swept away by a new (to us) show (thanks Netflix! Except not really because you are raising our rates but whatever!), roadtrip to one of our favorite places, and even make these ridiculously delicious cupcakes (I KNOW. I KNOW!!! Yes, you should do it. No, I won't judge you. No, we did not share. Yes, I know you aren't shocked.)
  • Of course, in the midst of this, I have been cramming/trying not to stress/stressing/trying to pretend like I am not stressing about this little gem which really is one of my least favorite things ever but GUESS WHAT?! It's over, I'm alive and I got to celebrate last night with my man and OMG did my fun-factor skyrocket in the last 24 hours! I guess that stupid thing was weighing on my mind much more than I realized. But I am reminded how sometimes, choosing the harder road is worth it. And it's good to complete a goal. Which is a good lesson because...did I mention we are now training for a 5K this September? True.
  • For those that offered book recommendations, thank you! I am currently reading this and this, and waiting for this, this and this to be available from the library (with great anticipation). p.s. USE YOUR LIBRARY!
  • We have three pots of flowering plants on our patio, no thanks to me--fingers crossed for tomatoes soon! This really does seem like a great accomplishment. (That might be pathetic.) Also, and perhaps even more noteworthy, we have not seen the horrible squirrel for days! Could it be that he is no longer in our lives?! 
  • Counting down the days to VACATION (t-FOUR DAYS) with our bffs and as we relish these (blazingly hot) summer nights, we're taking every advantage of last minute frozen-yogurt runs, spontaneous game nights and all the houseguests, dinners and celebrations we can possibly squeeze in....and as we drive home with the windows down, we agree that yeah, we've got a good thing going.
Did I mention I love summer? Hope it's treating you well, friends.

p.s. Fair warning that posting will be sparse around these parts til August. Got some livin to do.


    My bad.

    (on the way to work. Pre-coffee.)

    Me: You don't know that song?! What do you mean you don't know that song?! You know it's like, "...you fill my HEART with gladness...take away allll my sadness...ease my troubles..." ...no?! nothing!? Are you kidding me?!

    Adam: Uh, no. Never heard of it.

    Me: YOU KNOW. 80s ballad. It's by Michael Bolton. Or Phil Collins. One of those guys. I get them mixed up.

    Adam: WHAT?! How can you get them MIXED UP?!

    Me: They sound the same! Totally understandable!

    Adam: They are not even REMOTELY similar. Phil Collins is awesome. Michael Bolton is terrible! He doesn't even play music!

    Me: I thought he played the saxaphone.

    Adam: That's Kenny G. You're killing me.

    p.s. IT WAS ROD STEWART! Bonus (nerd) points if you knew that. Ha!


    Attention, bookworms:

    I am in a desperate, desolate reading desert.

    I also happen to be weeks away from vacation (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

    What should I pick up at the library? Recent faves? Old trusty titles? ANYTHING! PLEASE! (Bonus points if it is a good story that could be played as a crowd-pleasing book on tape during the looooong road trip West.)

    Also and completely unrelated, I just received a reminder of a health screening tomorrow...after eating a morning bowl of puppy chow following many, MANY bowls of such sugary goodness yesterday. EEEK!