And that's a promise.

A little sampling of some new work promo.
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With the actual account names erased because Internet, I don't totally trust you.
...this coming from the girl who just let the whole world peek faaaaaaaar into her life.



(p.s. If you ever send me a Farmville/personality quiz/etcetcetc request and never hear back...now you know why.)


The one that gets super sentimental and then ends in Bruce.

I have three things to share with you today, friends, and I'm way too excited about them to ramble on about THIS or THAT or WHATEVER I SAY IN ALL CAPS THESE DAYS--MARRIAGE! COFFEE! TARGET!!! ETC.ETC.ETC!--so, let's get started:

1. This is one of those things that I continue to watch on repeat and get goosebumps every.single.time. I love that it captures the course of the weekend and all the joy and celebration that came along with it. Sure, the weekend had some stressful moments (and oookay fine, a few tears, too) but when I look back, it won't be to dwell on the few minor mishaps. It will be to remember the beautiful community that gathered to watch me marry my best friend. (THANK YOU DEAN!!!)

Ad and Sara's Wedding from Dean Behrens on Vimeo.

2. Gramma often says that she has never seen two kids get along like me and my brother Brian. I've thought about saying, "YEAH BUT DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE TIME HE RUINED MY PAUL WALKER POSTER?!" ...but wind up just nodding my head and smiling.

And really, it is pretty uncanny. I remember being nervous when Adam met my family--not that my parents wouldn't like him--but just not knowing how he and my brother would interact. Luckily, they bonded OH SO EASILY over picking on Yours Truly...and it is one of my very favorite things to see them together.

Brian has always been one of the funniest people I know and at the risk of like, toooooootally embarrassing him, I am incredibly proud of who he is. I'm not quite ready to admit he's all grown up...but then he'll go and do something like this, and it's impossible to deny. Hey, little brother...thank you.

3. Finally, um, this one needs pretty much no explanation except to say that Zach, you, my friend, are a legend.



Reading: This (thanks, Lauren!)

Watching: This (Bill is my fave. Hands down.)

Thinking: (From here. *Note: For some reason, his site seems to be experiencing difficulty right now, but bookmark it and check back later!)

"So here’s the question, and it’s a probing question: If you aren’t telling a good story to the people you love, who is? What I mean is, everybody loves a story. We simply can’t live without a good story. So if you’re not the one telling the story, who is? Is it the television, your kids friends, your wife’s boss, the girl who works at your husband's gym?

I don’t mean to be cryptic, because telling stories is actually a lot of fun. But I do mean to say that you matter, your voice matters, your actions matter, and you can tell the world a better story if you want to. And there are people around you who might like to join you." -Donald Miller

Loving: Living with my b-f-f (vomit if you want, go ahead!)...and also, my cute new rain boots! Target, we are kindred spirits.


Reunited and it feels so good...

Oh, hey there. Just sitting here, married.

Yep, hitched. This girl.

And can I just say LOVING IT?! And with it, THE RETURN OF MY SANITY?! OH HAPPY DAY!

...perhaps with the plethora of ALL CAPS that just ensued you may want to doubt me but THAT'S JUST MY PERSONALITY, PEOPLE, GET OVER IT!

...also, maybe somewhat due to the mass amount of caffeine I just consumed. Coupled with drugs. Bum foot + killer cold = a really hot wife who slathers on Vicks and nestles under a blanket of used Kleenexes with a bandaged ankle. YAY FOR MARRIED LIFE!!!

And I know what you're thinking. At least she hasn't busted out the old multicolored retainer!

To which I say, Not yet but COMING SOON--YOU'RE WELCOME, ADAM! I sure didn't wear braces for five years for nothing! Thanks Mom!

On to more socially acceptable things...

Our wedding was truly one of the best nights of my life. I've spent much of the last two weeks turning to Adam now and then and reliving it, like, Remember when...?! And can you believe so-and-so did such-and-such?! That was AWESOME! And always ending with OMG WE HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS EVEEEEEEER! (Adam's words, not mine.)

And really, truly, honestly, relishing in the fact that here I am, waking up next to my best friend and sharing cups of tea at night and learning to deal with a snorer (YOU DO!) and a bed-hogger (I OBJECT!) and all of it has made it possible for the first time in a loooong time to just take a breath (albeit a rather congested one) and actually exhale.

And sure, it's only just begun and yeah, it's going to get hard and sometimes really hard...but for now, I love that we can just laugh at our mess of an apartment with boxes piled all around and bare walls and dusty floors and a fridge full of merely a few bottles of beer and some hummus.

And that at the end of the day, we check our little 2W mailbox under the label that says simply ROBERTSON and are able to finally say hey...welcome home.


You win some, you lose some.

Patron 1: Your blouse is super cute!
Me (while self-consciously thinking of the medium caramel macchiato* I just consumed): We could so be friends!


Patron 2: Ooh! Looks like someone got caught in the rain!
Me (while self-consciously touching completely dry curls): It may be time for a new hair gel...

p.s. Calories don't count right now. Challenge me if you dare.