Highly recommended...

  • For those that can't get enough politics
  • For the unfortunate souls that missed the premiere (or for those that want to relive it)
    ***note: this is a spoiler so beware!***


rachel rianne said...

did you really like that movie?
i couldn't choose if i was going to go see it or not. you tell me how it was and i'll gage it from there.

kimberly said...

I can totally forgive you for the office. if I was not a survivor fanatic I have a feeling it would be my favorite show EVER.

and have you ever tried these? I'm kind of addicted to them. let's hang out soon.

shalinn said...

congratulations pam and jim! i'm so happy for you both!
(you're going to pass this on to them directly, right sara?)

KK said...

your blog might be the most entertaining part of my day.

i'll let you be the judge of whether that makes my life totally lame or you just really awesome.

I'm going with the latter.