Love/hate relationship

Let me just preface this by saying I am not exactly what you would call technology-trendy.

I've never posted on YouTube.
I don't have a Twitter account.
And I'm pretty sure you will never find me involved in Second Life.

This was also true for me as a child.

I missed the MySpace rampage.
I never owned a Giga Pet.
And the lure of video games was completely lost on me.

So it should come as no surprise that when I received an e-mail from a co-worker informing me that we had a Wii in the staff lounge, I wasn't exactly clamoring for the first use.
(A far cry from my immediate outburst of sheer joy every time they announce brownies/cookies/cake/donuts anythingwithamilliondeliciouscalories in the break room...but I digress.)

Curiosity eventually got the better of me, however, and I eventually found myself meandering towards the lounge, timing my visit just right so the lounge would be empty and I could embarrass myself (for once) without any onlookers.

I decided to give bowling a whirl because seriously, how hard could it be? It took me a couple times to figure out which button means "Go" (I mean, really...it's the 21st century people. Stop labeling big gray buttons "A" when it is basically the all-knowing ENTER BUTTON. I don't think it's too much to ask. Rant over.).

But eventually I got the hang of it and started bowling up a storm! Strike after spare after strike after spare...I'm going to be honest, I was AWESOME! I became an immediate fan of the Wii and knew that the fun couldn't stop with just one game.

I decided to continue my Wii experience and through a series of various tests, discover my Wii Fitness Age. First baseball, then tennis, then bowling again, I did my best to bond with this newfounded piece of technology and embrace the entertainment wave of the future.

After the tests ended, I stood there waiting for my score to be calculated.

I felt energized.
I felt trendy.
I felt barriers breaking between me and the modern world.

The Wii does its thing and the result?

Wii Fitness Age: SIXTY-THREE?!

I freaking hate technology.


kimberly said...

so I get this call from my mom on sunday. "So I got up early before church today to go stand in line at target. I was the third person in line and I got a wii and a wii fit."
WTF!! that was a very surreal conversation. this is my mom? she bought a nintendo? I don't understand.
but anyways.
we put it together for her tonight and I'm kind of really into it. I was not good at bowling. tennis was so awesome. but it's just so fun! and it will be so good for her. isn't it weird that I'm saying things like "my mom needs to find something to do. she needs to get moving more and do something to challenge her brain. Video games! that's the answer!"

I'm pretty sure that my age would be old as well.

and I completely agree with you on the A button. trying to explain that to my mom was not fun. I'm sure she would have understood if we had called it the enter button.

Rebecca said...

Pretty sure my sister was in the 80s...surely that will make you feel better about yourself :) Eat another brownie. :) You know I would!

lauren h. said...


Steph Moore said...

am i up for the challenge?!?!?! DO YOU HAVE TO ASK!? i'm in kc today...and i freaking love this city!!!! get the crap back from t-town asap! AND next weekend....meet me at the plaza. you're my bestie!

lauren h. said...

thank you sara.
hey, I see you have quite the christmas party coming up...it sounds rum-tastic :-) thanks for the invite.