Check us out:

It's fun fact time at work--can you guess which one is mine?

...and can I tell you how great it is to work in a library where they think my dorky ideas are cool?

p.s. Because I can tend to be a tad Type A about things...I feel the need to apologize for my images not cooperating when I upload which causes funky things to happen to image alignment, etc. I can feel your judging cyberspace stares from HERE PEOPLE! (Ahem.) Anyway, please forgive me.


nettierox said...

forgiven--hadn't noticed. obviously i'm not type A. haha

kimberly said...

I'm totally going for #10. love that topeka zoo :)

Sara said...

Good guess, my friend.

Alas, you are mistaken...

#5 is me. Maybe that explains my inability to handle anything medical (and yes, naturally, I work in a medical facility).