A time to plant.

We are part of a community garden right now and though we are probably definitely the least knowledgeable, it is cool. Gardens are fascinating--what? you throw some stuff in the ground and then you EAT IT?! (...and all my farmer ancestors just rolled their eyes). Of course this is all supposing that something ACTUALLY GROWS. And in the Robertson experience, well, it does not. Or rather, it does and then the Evil Chipmunk eats it all. But I digress.

Though many, many other people have done much more work on the garden than us, it has already been fun to see the progress. Things are sprouting! YES!

It's a hopeful time as we push away all the things that could go wrong, and instead shrug and smile and say "Well, here's hoping!"and "LOOK! Here's another one! It's really GROWING!" and "What are we going to do with a plot full of kale?!"

And of course, doing this all in community is another experience entirely. It is messy. We don't know what to expect. We aren't really used to this sort of thing and my oh my people are complicated! But we all keep trying, smiling, waving, wondering what is to become of all this and why, exactly, we ventured out from our apartment cocoon to hang out with a bunch of opinionated strangers.

But it feels good, like somehow like we are going back to our roots a little bit--yes, because we city slickers are growing our own food but also because we are choosing to acknowledge those that live around us. And to open up our lives a bit.

It seems timely for us too, as we look at our lives and where we want to go. We celebrated two years of marriage. We are both working toward some goals. We are about to embark on an adventure overseas. We are forever trying, fighting, to make room in our lives for others.

Seeds are planted.

We are watering, weeding, keeping one eye on the sky.

We still have a lot of growing to do.

But look! Things are sprouting!


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Austin & Terri said...

You are great! Just wanted you to know.

Sara said...

Thanks friends! Rachel, we are so pumped! India here we come! :)
Terri--no YOU are! Love you!