-Schedules (a.k.a. what threw up all over our Google Calendar??!)
-Expectations (from "what constitutes dinner" to "clean-ish living space" to "quality time")
-Attitude (mine)
-Time management (i.e. Stop watching so much Parks and Rec, Sara!!!)

-Reading a lot of PolitiFact (p.s. You guys have heard about isidewith.com right?)
-Wondering when will I ever replace our dead plant? Goal: by Thanksgiving. Surely I can make that happen.
-Bizarrely, being questioned twice in the last two weeks about my "recent name change" and I'm like "oh, yes, you mean the name I changed in 2010?!?!" YEESH. (note: see #3 above)
-Wondering how to "not only love much but well."

.....pssst! Have any great fall recipes to share? Bonus points if they feed my sweet tooth! 


Kim said...

Sara! Can I hire you to be my political advisor? SO HELPFUL!!!!!!

I am also in need of a serious attitude adjustment right now.

Sara said...

Kim--Glad you liked it! But um, I really don't think you'd want to do that considering my usual line when discussing politics goes something like "...you know, that one guy, what's his face?" :)

Rebecca said...

Check my pinterest account under F&B...caramel apple cider cookies. Haven't made them yet but know several who have and say they're killer.