These days are running to-and-fro days, long days, checking-things-off-lists days. It's early mornings, coffee, homework, what is this stain on my shirt?, Jimmy Johns Mondays, did we pay that bill?, clean the bathroom, drat, we're out of peanut butter, and did you tell your best friend happy birthday and what are we going to do for Thanksgiving?!

I don't always know which end is up and every week seems like the longest shortest week ever.  I usually want to go around hugging everyone when we get to Friday because YOU GUYS. WE MADE IT TO FRIDAY! I THOUGHT THIS DAY WOULD NEVER COME!!! ...but how is it November tomorrow already?

It's fun to step back a bit and get some perspective--to stop and think, wow, can you believe it? We are doing things we've always wanted to do! Can you believe we get this opportunity--opportunities?

And we say man, it is worth it (but sometimes it is more like It is worth it? and the other says Yeah! It is worth it. Right? and the other one says Yeah. It really is. and the other one says Yeah. It is. and we keep going.)

And then sometimes when we get back in the midst of those things we think--wow, can you believe it? Doing these things takes some sacrifice. And this is awesome and hard and not quite what I thought.  Also, can you please make more coffee? And I will pay you one hundred million dollars if you rub my sore shoulders.

And there are times of dreaming of What May Be and times of looking around and thinking hey, apartment with the bright green walls and sloping floors and work that leaves us cranky sometimes and looooooong days and packed schedules and nights of eating handfuls of chocolate chips because HOW IS THERE NOTHING TO EAT IN THIS PLACE???...

These days, this mad dash, it is ours and it is right now and it is kind of the best.


Austin & Terri said...

Yes! Love this post. I feel this way a lot. As in scrambled and that it is worth it even though at times it feels like it's not. Miss you friend. Coffee date soon?

Sarah Ternes said...

:D both to your post and your comments...i love this, and i love that you love what i love!! and i miss you terribly friend. and AMEN to the very last line of this post. what a joy, to be doing just what we are just where we are. LOVE IT! ok, squeal limit reached, must return to work :)

Sara said...

Thanks friends! Terri, YES. "even though at times it feels like it's not." Sarah, love you!!! Come stay with us during your big trip!!! :)