I have been thinking pretty much one thing these days:

Baby I'm having a baby we're having a baby baby baby!...

It is a hurry up and wait time. A how do we prepare for this?!?! time. A hey, pssst! can you believe this? time.

It is not all roses. Truth be told, it has been harder than I thought. But it is a special time and that can be felt even through the hard days.

It is a looking ahead time as we prepare for our family to grow. It is a quiet wondering time, considering what is in store for this little one of ours. It is a dreaming time, a questioning time, a frantic "we have so much left to do!" time. A time that feels like we know the very best big secret.

It is a time pre-change and yet, in just these few short months, it is undeniable that change has very much begun.

It is a time I am trying to rest in, to let be what will be, to shove some clutter under a chair and welcome friends in with a weary smile and say, "Whew! Life! You know?"

It is a time we will never quite have again. This small, intense, blink of our lives.

This is the time we spend awaiting our first born son.

...a baby baby baby! BOY!

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