Out of my element

Expressing myself through writing is not an anomaly in my life.

In fourth grade, I was determined to dazzle the world with a best seller. Unfortunately, my drafts never made it past four hand-written, labor-intensive pages on lined notebook paper, complete with arrows and various scratchings that even I can no longer decipher...but the dream was planted nevertheless.

As a junior in high school, I began the almost-nightly ritual of scribbling away in a journal. Snuggling under the covers in the soft glow of my bedside lamp, my pen would come alive as I struggled to make sense of an increasingly complicated world.

About a month ago, I decided to explore this new form of communication I know so little about--blogging. It has allowed me to re-discover my love of language and the power of communication. It has introduced me to a new facet of people I thought I knew. It has allowed me to push my own boundaries as I willingly opened myself up before an unknown audience.

However, in talking with a friend, I realized there is still much to learned about this postmodern venue.

For example:
1. Say someone comments on your post and you would like to respond. Are you expected to respond on your same post or choose one of theirs and type away? Is there a courtesy length limit to comments? (if so, I guarantee I broke it repeatedly)
2. Is my blog totally lame if I do not include several links to other sites and/or audio/visual content? (if so, I apologize for my lack of technology skills)
3. How do you tell people you have a blog? For some reason, I found this to be very awkward and quite presumptuous--as if I thought what I had to say was really that important. (In fact, I still have yet to tell some of my very good friends that this even exists out of some self-imposed lack of confidence. Weird. I know.)
4. This one is especially for aforementioned friend: is it ever appropriate to mention someone's blog in public?
5. Is it breaking some cardinal rule to blog about blogging?
6. Is it breaking an even bigger rule to attempt to make rules for this communication form whose entire identity is based on existing outside previous conventions? (I can't help it! I like guidelines, okay?!)

...Have I mentioned that I tend to over-analyze everything?

Maybe I should just buy this.


adam paul said...

a. thanks for the link.
b. your blog rules.
c. the most difficult thing for me was becoming noticed. for a while it felt like my blog was a waste of time cause no one cared/it was only for like 3 people. perseverance.
d. it is PERFECTLY acceptable to blog about blogging. i've done it a handful of times.
e. karate kick.

luke said...

well, now that you've addressed this in blog world and not in public, i can respond much more fully ;).

1. either way--but some people think commenting on your own blog is a little lame (myself included...not really). exception: if it's a serious conversation. also, i don't think length is really an issue--just no novels there. oh and sometimes it's considered rude to carry on a conversation with another commenter completely ignoring the post *see "strangers" entry (haha just kidding).
2. audio/visual content is not essential, especially when your blog has great writing and hilarious stories--like yours. in fact, usually it is a cheap excuse for not taking the time to write a real entry, at least for me. links to friends is good--well done on this entry.
3. yes, advertising your blog is hard. i recommend a facebook ad--not just one on your profile. i'm talking about the banner on the side that costs money. go big or go home.
4. it is ok. i was just teasing :)
5. blogging about blogging, well, this is pretty funny so kudos. ps kudos is my new favorite blog word.
6. yes, totally taboo. unspoken rules are meant to be left unsaid.

there you have it. :)

great entry.

Jessica said...

Or can you read blogs without having your own blog? P.S. My friend here at work, Ruth...says she only reads blogs with pictures....

KK said...

dear b-f-f.

i will be seeing you when i am in kc.
and my apologies for the hilarious pictures. if your coworkers give you dirty looks, just show them the pictures. They'll laugh too.