Give the people what they want

Need a deal?

Need a hobby?

Need motivation?

Need a career change?

Need antioxidants?

(Image credit: Curly girl design)


shalinn said...

great finds sara! i am totally an olympics freak, and i'm a former cheerleader. if i only would've known there were opportunities to be an olympics cheerleader, i totally would've signed up for that gig! i'm glad to find out that i've been getting antioxidants from the driscoll's blueberries and raspberries i've bought this summer as well. who knew? you knew.

Steph Moore said...

pork and beans and a lighter...i laughed, scratched my head a little, and chalked it up to one of adam's great ideas. good thing my new roommate wasn't around or she would be unnnnnn-comfortable. hahaha.