Lifestyles of the rich and the famous

A post like this deserves a follow-up, I suppose, so it is without further ado that I would like to publicly state that while my mullet-sporting, taxi-driving, likely-inappropriately-commenting uncle recently got duped by this guy, he did not make it to the big screen.


If you're my brother, this news is heart-wrenching.

If you are me, you can now banish all horrifying images of watching the whole movie next to Grandma.

...And, hey, look, I made it here!* Which is almost as cool, right?

*I would like to point out that the banner above the linked photo is an ADVERTISEMENT. So no, I am not part of KC Speed Dating nor did I attend Manicures and Martinis. In case you were wondering.

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Rebecca said...

Stink! I was hoping he made it. You're right...it might be better that he didn't.