And now, a video smorgasbord:

So, I've been visiting all these super-cool fancy, shmancy blogs with fun designs and witty words and multimedia TIMES A MIL...and I. am. jealous.

However, instead of cooking up something fabulous for you to chew on or sparking an intense debate or creating something really beautiful, I offer this humble hodge podge of videos. On my little bit of cyberspace. That is starting to smell a bit musty, I believe.

But, hey, it's just so much easier to make excuses than to actually DO something about it (...am I right or am I right?).



For a movie I have yet to see but OMG I CANNOT WAIT:

For s & gs (and for the record, the ones I know are totally fabulous and break this mold...but still):

For fear that we may be swallowed up in our own trials and forget:

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