Things I cannot, in good conscience, keep to myself:

1. Sure, anyone who's anyone knows about Jim and Pam but John Krasinski and Emily Blunt?! WHAT?!

2. Speaking of couples, read this to get a fresh perspective on relationships and the Christian community (and it's hurtful hyper-focus swirling around The Much Coveted Couple-dom). Preach it, sister.

3. I'm not big into the political game but I do appreciate clear communication and the free exchange of ideas (which let's be honest, these days that sure is hard to find). So, in the spirit of promoting informed citizens, check this out to learn more about the health care debate. (This isn't a secret ploy to convince you one way or another...promise!)

4. And now that everyone's hair is standing on edge, let me dive even further into dangerous waters and share this with you. I cannot explain how much this disturbs me. To the core. And I tried to wrap my brain around how culturally, this works in China, etc. etc. (found within the linked article) but all it did was make my heart hurt more.

5. Okay, this I may have to keep to myself...but only because they are SO GOOD! Cheers everyone. Enjoy your weekend. And hey, if you've read anything worth sharing, I would love to know about it...


luke said...

nice picture!

Brian S said...

1)i love me some office
2)horray you're engaged!
3)McCain 4 life (pronounce the '4' as 'fo)
5)nom nom nom nom nom

steph moore! said...

i LOVE pina coladas.

and gettin' caught in the rain??

thanks for the late night BFF chat!