I'm twirling in white dresses,
Dreaming of cakes and candles and pretty things
then --poof!--

It's lunchtime and it's real time and
that man is wearing handcuffs outside my office window.

I watch him.
He pops his gum, shrugs, shuffles slowly out...
I press my lips together, knuckles white, and shudder.

Quietly, in the furthest corner of my mind,
I cry quickly, desperately, pleadingly
"We are not the same!"

But what I cannot shake,
Is that still, small whisper saying
Mister, you and I, we are not so very different.


Rebecca said...

You're so deep. You give great thoughts to ponder. Keep. it. coming. sister.

PS - MIGHT be in KC this Sunday. If so, photo shoot?

lauren said...

You just gave voice to something that's been in my heart lately. That is so great. You're remarkable, lady.

nettierox said...

isn't it funny that it only takes one action to change a persons life completely?

ummm, trying on dresses is AMAZING. seriously i feel like i should probably have been a wedding dress model. must be the fabric or something that makes EVERY SINGLE DRESS look good. did you find "the one" or any that maybe the one?