In defense of progress.

I feel it is my civic duty to defend my hometown and its recent efforts that landed it on national news.

Because really, it could be considered progressive, people.

I mean, if you think about it.

You know, like "Oooooh! Look at that Midwestern town using such hip marketing ploys in order to woo Google the Internet Giant. That's, like, almost as cool as Google Chrome."

(Or something.)

And I mean, who else is changing their name in order to prove their Googledevotion anyway?!

Huh? Right?! You get me?! Google me that!

And further, towns don't just change their name at the drop of a hat.

--Okay, fine, I mean I guess there was that one time back in 1998.

But that was progressive too, in a way. I mean, Pikachu was like today's Twilight for crying out loud!

What's that? You don't believe me?!

Whatever. Bunten, I'm on your side. The capital city of fiber optics has such a nice ring to it.

...And if you don't know who Bunten is, then you can TOPEKA IT!

photo credit: CNN photo illustration from here


luke said...

so, let's be honest, the mayor didn't come off looking too good in that article. he looked bumbling and then he said that manhattan was flat like the prairie--has he been to manhattan? the flint hills are much more topographical than topeka! he tried to make a good point, but manhattan? wrong city buddy.

and let me just say that if this is progress, then consider me a traditionalist. man i'm glad i'm not from topeka. but why do they have to go and give kansas such a bad name like this!?!?! ;)

Kelsie said...

Sara, I support you!!

Topeka is just way ahead of its time with this.. or... something like that.

Either way. I'm still a proud Topekan. And obviously Topeka is a great place if it is producing fabulous people like you and I ;)

Brian S said...

While Bunten is less than intelligent...gettin this whole Google thing will do the Top City good. Hopefully it'll put us back on the 'Socially Acceptable Map'...haha

Sara said...

Luke, ooookay fine maybe Mr. Mayor needs a bit of media training buuuut I will HAVE YOU KNOW that Kansas City AND Overland Park are also applying!!! http://blogkc.com/archives/2010/03/city-vying-for-super-fast-google-broadband-network/

...but not changing their name. Because duh, that's so yesterday. haha.

Kelsie, I knew I could count on you.

And Brian, uhhh yeah, well, here's hoping...at least we have G's Custard going for us. haha.