I've been telling people lately that the stress of wedding planning is wearing off and that really, I've been feeling much calmer, thank you, and okay fine! still drinking that coffee intravenously but we all have our weaknesses NOW DON'T WE?!

But then I do things like completely forget to show up at an event despite an RSVP, a reminder email and a HIGHLIGHTED note in my planner.

And a few days later, tear apart two bags and retrace all my steps in search of my cell phone. You know, the one that was IN MY POCKET THE WHOLE TIME.

In my sleep, I have nightmares of angry guests throwing Donettes at me screaming, "We traveled all this way and THIS IS WHAT YOU SERVE US?!"...and wake up to heart-stopping thoughts such as Oh my gosh, I just know I bought the wrong dish drainer! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! and Did his invitation spell his name with one "l" or two?! ONE "L" OR TWO?!

It's a wonder that I am not one big puddle of coffee grounds and Reese's eggs (this kind because um, HELLO, it is almost Easter and I've only had one bag so far this week season!).

And I have no doubt I would be if it weren't for the wonderful community of family and friends who have surrounded us in this whirlwind of a time and oozed such support and love, it really takes my breath away and makes me think Sally, girl, I feel you (minus the whole "second time" thing...).

It's the phone calls, the emails, the warm wishes, the sacrifices, the encouraging words, the excited smiles, the feeling that we are really not alone in this.

It's Grandma grabbing my hand and saying with a catch in her voice, "Honey, I am real excited for you and Adam. There is nothing that makes me feel more alive than seeing two people in love."

It's a dash into the furniture store two minutes to close to buy a chair--our first chair!--and as I run to the register, an excited, "SARA, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS HEADBOARD?!" from the man that is about to be my husband.

It's deciding that yeah, we may be caught up in it all, but you know what?

I wouldn't change a thing.


Megan said...

Brought tears to my eyes... I love you guys!

nettierox said...

i just want you to knwo that if you served donettes i'd be real excited. i love those darned things!

wedding planning is up and down up and down--i searched drastically for my phone the other day for 15 minutes--and i was talking on it. whoops. i drove to the wrong school yesterday and almost went in--and a list of many many other things that we just won't discuss.

deep breath. the most important part is what happens after the wedding (not directly after--thats just gross)--you know the happily ever after part..the wedding day is just a minute part of the rest of your happy life. when you think about it that way--it just doesn't seem like such a big deal!

Rebecca said...

I love that picture...

Sara said...

Megan--you are so sweet. If you ever get to KC, I would LOVE to meet your sweet baby girl.
Lynette--you are SO ALMOST THERE! WOOHOO!
Becca--thanks friend! Me too. :)

Katie said...

So I was just talking to my cubicle mate who just got engaged and she said she's been waking up in a panic, too! Her crazy dreams are about satin and fabric and whether she should pick white, champagne, or ivory for her dress! So she got a kick out of your strainer panic!

Sara said...

haha! There was also the time I had a breakdown about a bathmat buuuut that's another story. ;) Also really DID forget my phone today so woohoo! I hate that feeling...can't WAIT to see you!

Kovacs said...

You and Adam have the best blogs. So utterly different, but I am always challenged or uplifted by reading them.

I can't post on the homeless post, so I am posting on this one.

Your wedding is gonna be a blur and you will be so relieved it is over, but enjoy it. Don't let this pre-stress get you.

Just remember you would never want to do it any other way. All this hooplah before will be funny stories to tell your kids in the future.

Sara said...

Tony! You are awesome. Thanks friend!!! I am really excited. But please don't judge me if I have a freak out or five. haha.

You know what's weird? Having our stuff in the SAME PLACE! Crazy. Really fun...but presents hilarious conversations--like really?! You filled up ALL THE BATHROOM STUFF ALREADY?! (Adam to me) followed by REALLY?! YOU ARE GOING TO BRING YOUR JESUS PAINTING IN HERE?! (me to Adam...and I KNOW you understand that one...I"m not a heathen I swear). haha. Ohhh the joys.

Can't wait to celebrate with you friend. :)