Attention, bookworms:

I am in a desperate, desolate reading desert.

I also happen to be weeks away from vacation (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

What should I pick up at the library? Recent faves? Old trusty titles? ANYTHING! PLEASE! (Bonus points if it is a good story that could be played as a crowd-pleasing book on tape during the looooong road trip West.)

Also and completely unrelated, I just received a reminder of a health screening tomorrow...after eating a morning bowl of puppy chow following many, MANY bowls of such sugary goodness yesterday. EEEK!


Anonymous said...

oh man. you know I love me some austen, persuasion is my favorite, mansfield park is good if you can get past the first half, and northanger abbey is a fast, easy read. the hunger games are also fast and easy. I love east of eden. have you read ender's game? adam would like that one too. he's probably read it. recently loved the kite runner. anything by donald miller. screwtape letters, crazy love, jane eyre. have fun!!

The Mahoney's said...

I just recently read a book called: A homemade life: Stories and Recipes from my Kitchen by Molly Wisenberg. I think you would really enjoy it! I also agree with the Donald Miller suggestion: A million miles in a thousand years!

Sarah said...

LOVE this post. makes me miss you. tear.

some that i love: bel canto, ted dekker's circle trilogy (black, red, white, green), any francine rivers,'the distant land of my father' - bo caldwell, 'the crowning glory of calla lily ponder' - rebecca wells, rilke's book of hours, 'infidel' - ayaan hirsi ali, eat love, pray - elizabeth gilbert, memory keeper's daughter - kim edwards, the great divorce c.s. lewis,

and like a trillion more, but these are the ones i have read at least 3 times each and in some cases in spanish as well as english. let me know what you end up choosing!

lauren said...

Devil in the White City has been informative, scary and riveting so far!

BUT more importantly...I hear ya on the puppy chow! ADDICTIVE!!


Sara said...

OOOOH! Thank you friends! I will definitely take your suggestions to heart and let you know what I get! I do love (LOVE) Donald Miller.
Kim--I've been meaning to read The Hunger Games AND East of Eden. LOVE the Kite Runner.
Tylie--Thanks for that fab suggestion! I hope I can get my hands on it! And that Donald Miller book is seriously my favorite!
Sarah--GIRL! Thanks for that list! I miss you! I still haven't read much Rilke but keep meaning to b/c I know you love it and I'm intrigued by the triology you mentioned. Also, you liked Eat Pray Love?! Whoa! Interesting! Love the great divorce.

Lauren--That is a very compelling description of a book! I will check it out (hopefully literally..HAHA library humor! ha). ANNNND thank you. I have enough to make a new batch soooo...?!

rachel rianne said...

i'd agree with east of eden, and i'm going to read the hunger games for a book club! (cass breeden just recommended it to me too, and she's only midway thru)

BUT, my dearest sara -- i have to turn you onto SLOANE CROSLEY. she writes essays. hilarious essays. david sedaris essays for the straight, young, single, urban girl. sure you aren't single and her stories are about life in NYC (far cry from KC), but they're amazing! she's so smart and funny. she just came out with "how did you get this number" but her first, "i thought there'd be cake" is a great intro. READ IT. you'll be laughing out loud and adoring it, i promise you.

have a good vacation!

Sara said...

RACHEL! I love everything about what you just said! David Sedaris is hilarious! DEFINITELY added to the list--thank you friend! Super jealous of your recent house guests. Miss bumping into you at the Bistro! :)

Cassidy said...

Rachel is right with the Hunger Games recommendation!! I finished it last night and went straight to Barnes and Noble to buy the next two!

I also read The Book Thief this year and it was so good. His other book I am the Messenger was interesting also.

I should have so many more to put here but I can't remember them right now. You should let us know what you decided on!!

Sara said...

Thanks Cass! I will definitely make note of The Book Thief! Hope you loved every second of Santa Barbara! I have a strong feeling that you did. :)