My bad.

(on the way to work. Pre-coffee.)

Me: You don't know that song?! What do you mean you don't know that song?! You know it's like, "...you fill my HEART with gladness...take away allll my sadness...ease my troubles..." ...no?! nothing!? Are you kidding me?!

Adam: Uh, no. Never heard of it.

Me: YOU KNOW. 80s ballad. It's by Michael Bolton. Or Phil Collins. One of those guys. I get them mixed up.

Adam: WHAT?! How can you get them MIXED UP?!

Me: They sound the same! Totally understandable!

Adam: They are not even REMOTELY similar. Phil Collins is awesome. Michael Bolton is terrible! He doesn't even play music!

Me: I thought he played the saxaphone.

Adam: That's Kenny G. You're killing me.

p.s. IT WAS ROD STEWART! Bonus (nerd) points if you knew that. Ha!


rachel rianne said...

hahahaha i love it.

Austin & Terri said...

Hahahaha!!!! I laughed so much!

lauren said...

I can actually use LOL and mean it!!

(Didn't know it was Rod Stewart...and would totally confuse Michael Bolton & Kenny G.)

Sara said...

Thank you for not judging! But seriously--how's a girl supposed to know?! haha.