Late breaking news:

1. My Chapstick just ran out. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

2. You guys. Did you know that you can now get DIPPED CONES at McDonalds?! YES! It is true! I would not lie about something like this! ***Extremely important disclaimer: If, out of your extreme excitement over eating said dipped cone, you somehow find yourself tentatively reaching out your hand to accept a sad blob of a cone that is still dripping--yes, dripping--in chocolate syrup that has yet to harden into a delicious crispy shell because Ms. McDonalds is seriously not on her A-game? My friends, I beg of you, STOP YOURSELF! You deserve a dipped cone that doesn't drip all down your arm and on your shoes and leave speckled brown trails of chocolate all the way to your chair! (I mean, be nice about it to Ms. McDonalds...but seriously.)***

3. I just typed the phrase: "...I guess the monkeys just gave me gumption!" and then hit Send. And THAT is what a B.S. in Communications can do for YOU.

Dipped Cone
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