A little to the left.

A: So I was thinking of hanging this level with the bookcase. You know, like the mirror.

Me: What? No. Too high. I think you should bring it down a bit.

A: Huh? Really? That doesn't make sense. Look. (pause for demonstration)

Me: Yeah. Still think you're wrong. See? (pause for demonstration)

A: Maybe we should move it to this wall instead...? (pause for demonstration)

Me: No way! And draw attention to the million books always laying there? I prefer the other wall that, you know, accents our dead plant.

A: Let's talk about this later.


Katie said...

I love this! and you two together!

cari said...

John and I had a similar conversation last night about our couches. Why can't they understand that the wife is always right about this sort of stuff?

Sara said...

Katie--thank you. Also thanks for responding to every panicked text I have ever, ever sent. :)

Cari--HA! I really like you guys and am serious about the paint help. Also...for the record, the end verdict of the wall hanging was Sara's wall at Adam's height. And the plant is still dead.

Austin & Terri said...

I love that you record these moments. Because they are hilarious and make me laugh out loud! And everyone has them, but you have a way that brings the hilarity out! Is hilarity a word?

Sara said...

Terri! I am glad you are still friends with us. :) I think hilarity is a word. Wait I'll google it. YES! It means "boisterous merriment". haha!

Austin & Terri said...

I just used hilarity again on a comment I just posted on your newest blog. SO BOOOOYAAAAA! Word now incorporated into my vocabulary.

Sara said...

I just want you to know that your hilarity comment was "awaiting moderation." Guess you're just too risque for Blogger. ha!