Some things:

  • Today is one of those "dress up because it has not been the best week ever...just fake it til you make it" kind of days. Anyone know what I am talking about here? No? Okay cool. Well I don't care because my fashion blogger is wearing  animal print today and SO AM I! Don't pretend like you don't have a fashion blogger. Unless you really don't. Then stop judging me.
  • On the way to work the other day, a fly was buzzing around the car and driving me crazy. I also should point out that I am not a morning person and had not yet had my coffee. I may or may not have yelled LEAVE YOU IDIOT! with my window cracked about 3 inches (WHICH I will also point out is like 5 fly lengths AT LEAST) and my husband may or may not have told me, "You better blog that." After he finished hyperventilating with laughter. Boom. Blogged. For you husband. And perhaps for my father should he be reading this. (Hi Dad!)
  • I was eating lunch with my longtime bff today when a kid at the table next to us asked, "Um, excuse me? Where did you get that Jolly Rancher?" and I said nicely, "Everyone gets candy with their meal here! You will get one too!" but because I have a SOUL I gave him my green apple candy on the way out AND HE SAID, "Ew. I think there's something wrong with this. I do not want this. LOOK. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS! It looks WEIRD." And I was like LOOK KID. IT'S BEEN A LONG WEEK. I WAS JUST TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING HERE. NOW YOU MADE ME FEEL WEIRD AND CREEPY. (Don't worry I said all that in my head. Okay actually I said that out loud to my bff on the way to the car.) I realized approximately 7 minutes ago that I in fact got mad at a child for not taking candy from a stranger. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You win, little guy. You win.
  • I need a weekend.


Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness Sara. I am laughing so hard. Because these are all the type of things that happen to me on a VERY! REGULAR! basis.
Ps. Those pants kendi was wearing? I tried them on at target. It was a joke. I couldn't fit my calves through the legs on the biggest size they had, even though they would have been like 8 sizes too big in the waist. wtf target.

Sara said...

Kim, I REALLY REALLY LOVE that you knew it was Kendi! YES! And um I know. Target is crazy when it comes to sizes esp. for pants. I am proud of you for trying them on AND I have thought of you on more than one occasion when contemplating buying clothes. Like, "would Kim buy something like this for herself? Because she has really good shopping standards." So thank you for being awesome and keeping me in line. :)

Sara said...

p.s. Don't you love Kendi?

Austin & Terri said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You ALWAYS make me laugh out loud. Love you and your hilarity.

Breanna said...

Um, that child was rude! And I'm not sorry for saying that. :)Haha-I was catching up on your posts tonight and read this one and I had to laugh remembering that lil stinker. PS-Just followed Kendi, you should follow J's Everyday Fashion Blog now.