Dear Betty, can we be B-F-F?

Okay, so I know I have quite a few ridiculous stories of my own, and maybe it is lame for me to share one that belongs to someone else...but OH MY GOSH I AM LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW!


kimberly said...

good grief, that's freaking hysterical!

she can be my bff too.

rachel rianne said...


karlie nicole mann. said...

when you get back from D.C. - it's hang out time missy! we can finally start the man who loves clowns.

rachel rianne said...

here's an office story that's kind of happening while i'm typing to you...

1: "ha have you seen bowfinger?"
2: "hahahah yeah!"
1: "you remember the parking garage scene?"
2: "ha. uh no. ...it's been a long time since i've seen it."
1: "oh, well this [situation] reminds me of it"
2: "i just remember that one part when eddy murphy is doing martial arts and barely hitting people and they go flying in the air."
2 cont'd: "he acts like he barely hits this guy and he goes {{pshhhhh}}"
1 (without laughing): "oh, i don't remember that part"
2: "oh"

it went on, but that was the gist.
i thought you'd enjoy.