Note(s) to self:

  • Cabbage and lettuce are sold in deceitfully similar packages. Next time, pay attention!
  • While it is slightly embarrassing you spent equally as much on bath and body products as on groceries last week, know that YOU SMELL REALLY GOOD RIGHT NOW!
    (Remind yourself of this as you are eating nothing but peanut butter and jelly for the next week and a half.)
  • Listen to more Jon Foreman!
  • If you ever need a dose of humility, try to swing a hammer again.
  • Finally- and I repeat- you do have the willpower to resist this giant bowl of M&Ms. You do. You do. You do...


rachel rianne said...

ughhh m&ms....
it's 4:38pm and i'm sooo hungryyy.

Brian S said...

you don't...you don't...you don't..and we all know it...haha