1. To send a much-overdue package to D.C.

2. To learn how to make a knock-out coconut cream pie
(just to prove to my dad that I am not a complete domestic failure)

3. To make a habit out of calling my spunky grandma, who is hands-down one of my favorite people.
(don't get her started about how much she loves this place)

4. To head south. Soon.

5. To remind myself every day of how much I have to be thankful for. (...and to quit ending sentences with prepositions. Ick.)

Note: For those more ambitious than me, check this out.


Rebecca said...

Thank you for another post, friend! I would like to ditto and provide support for you as we both work to quit ending our sentences in prepositions. It's just so darn hard!

kimberly said...

I do not eat coconut. it is like toenails. I just couldn't eat a spoonful of toenails.

Sarah said...

OH MY GOSH!. Yes. Sisterhood of something...I would love to do this...I dont know how or what but we need to do this. Like right now!! Maybe some earrings or a tanktop or something small so we can save money in postage haha.

AND I am THRILLED that you are sending me something...I cannot wait!!

Big news: I got my apartment! Pictures coming soon...and how funny is this: there are two girls talking interchangeably in English and Spanish by my side at this cafe and I can understand it all...very fun :)

kimberly said...

I agree. we need to hang out. this is me officially trying to convince you to join us for SURVIVOR (!!!) at 8:35 on thursdays at jami's house :) We are a lot of fun to watch it with, you won't regret it. it is my favorite show of all time. AND, sometimes we eat ice cream too. I want you there.

kimberly said...

it starts this week!!