Maybe it's my lack of sleep,
Maybe it's the winter weather,
But sometimes the world just seems dipped in pain.


Maybe it's this movie I watched,
Maybe it's this book I'm reading,
But I am trying to make sense of my own journey.

Maybe it's this class I'm taking,
Maybe it's my forlorn, dusty journal,
But lately I really miss writing.


Maybe it's this coffee talk,
Maybe it's since others are soon packing their bags,
But I've been bitten (again) with the traveling bug.


Maybe it's because they too love the little things,
Maybe it's knowing they are along for the messy ride,
But I'm especially thankful for my friends.


Anonymous said...

I like the way you use links in your blog. It gives it this uniqueness.

You've seen the Jimmy Carter documentary. How is it?

Sarah said...

girl i so am along for the messy ride...i love that we can be knee deep in it together and that we keep looking each other in the eye and say you are going to be ok...we are in it together. and even more than that, we share this fantastic unbelievable hope. love you girl