A lose/lose situation

So, a little publication called The New York Times recently published this tragic story.

The Times reported that the tanking economy's spiraling effects has been so far reaching that even "gold diggers" are now suffering. In fact, not only are these women dealing with "limited" funds once their financial fiances and banker boyfriends face the harsh realities of Wall Street, but OMG! their relationships are now suffering as a result.

(Am I over-using the quotation marks? Maybe I need some lessons from this guy.)

Luckily, there is help for these unfortunate females. Because, you know, everyone needs a place to share their story.

(Warning: Their site is full of ridiculous comments that may make your stomach churn...including but certainly not limited to the heartbreaking entry from the newly-forgotten "Other Woman.")

At any rate, the article hits the press and not surprisingly, the DABA (Dating A Banker Anonymous) blog receives many hits and a variety of reactions--from sympathy to outrage, from bemusement to bemoaning and a myriad of emotions in between.

But, just when you think it couldn't possibly get any worse, this comes out.

Unwilling to accept the Times' report at face value, one reporter decided to do some digging on her own.

The result?

Some serious doubt cast on the Times' credibility.

Turns out, their blog site was registered just days before the report was published.

Turns out, there is little evidence that this is anything more than a spoof.

Turns out, the media may not be an unbiased source of information after all!

So, I ask you friends, which is worse--if the site is legit or if the Times ran a bogus story as fact?

(Can I get a waaaaah, waaaaaah?!)


I Dream of Scotland said...

That is amazing! I hope that it is absolutely false and the New York Times has been fooled. It would not be the first time that false news has been reported and believed as fact in credible arenas. Read this one....http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/europe/01/28/uk.cello.scrotum.hoax/index.html?iref=newssearch

R.W. Shipshape said...

Greetings from Kelly! My phone deleted all my numbers over Christmas so you should call me and leave a message. I wanna have your number!