I Spy...

A dinner date,
A "zero star" hotel,
Some shoes well worth their price tag,
A lovely Wishing Well.

A struggle,
A status report,
A never-ending battle,
A solid story, short.

Silver lining,
A question worth an ask,
A noteworthy opinion,
A complicated task.

A plane ride,
A blast from the past,
An uncanny resemblance,
A prayer that I hold fast.


shalinn said...

I heart snapshots. I heard that interview with the Sunday night dinner guy this week. So cool. The guy that plays electric guitar with us on Sunday mornings wears his TOMS all the time and he loves them :) We'll be in touch Miss Sara.

steph moore! said...

i'm sitting at home alone...fighting off my first ice storm away from home....and CONSTANTLY CHECKING MY GCHAT FOR MY BFF!!!!! get the hint woman.