A week of firsts:

-One of these
-(More than) one of these
-An official adult venture
-Two successful "Martha moments"
-A decided commitment
-And two very long-distance phone calls

Also, a night of power and lights
-And a reason to make Mom proud...or die of shock


lauren said...

Whoa...that is a heck of a week! And YAY, I'm so glad we're (even more) official friends! We should hang out more; I would love that. Maybe some Martha moments? I love those!!

Rebecca said...

#1 - You and your office-ness screams "...geek community."
#5 - I'm so proud! If I were there, I'd do it with you!

PS - YES! I am anxiously awaiting this weekend...

nettierox said...

you're doing the trolley run? good for you!! its such a great cause!

briansBAblog said...


you're still alive!!

this is crazy! what are you doing these days? old chicago misses you..

lauren said...

I did the same thing! I was simultaneously thinking "how pathetic" and "how do they DO that?!" Because if anyone was going to do it, you know it would be Google.

Thanks for the wishes...I'm so excited!
Let's be sure to hang out when I get back, too!

Brian S said...

way to stay true to who you truly are. that said, kick that therapeutic office chair back, stand up in those mid-afternoon walking shoes that you have yet to change out of, raise that novelty coffee cup in the air, shed that cardigan (even though there seems to be draft coming from the window over there..) and scream...I am sara shellenberger. i am ALL,...that is Pam.