And this is how rumors get started:

Lately, I've really been wanting a raincoat.

Not as in the gross-yellow-slicker-you-wear-when-you're-five kind of raincoat. I mean a cute, classy jacket that I can throw on during dreary spring days such as these and sport to work instead of shivering in my (not-quite-so-professional) hoodie or donning my bulky winter pea coat.

This weekend, after being sorely disappointed in TJ Maxx (um, hello, I don't care if it's freaking Calvin Klein! You're TJ Maxx! Sell something for under $65 please!!!), I decided Target was calling my name.

I sauntered through the women's section and after perusing the latest additions, I headed to the clearance rack because I'll be honest, full price is not my style.

I harnessed every ounce of self-control to ignore the knit dresses and fitted cardigans to focus solely on one thing--a spring coat.

Just as I was about to give up hope, the clothing rack parted and out jumped Destiny in the form of a belted, khaki, super-cute number that, to top it off, had that much-sought-after sale price sticker dangling from the sleeve.

Oh happy day! I thought to myself and trotted off to the dressing room with my newly-found trophy in tow.

I shrugged it on, fastened the top buttons, tied the sash and surveyed the mirror critically. SOLD! I inwardly cheered.

Just then, as I went to place my new bargain on its hanger, I saw it.

I cringed. I squirmed a little. BUT I BOUGHT IT ANYWAY.

What did I see?

A small, innocuous tag on the inside collar that read "LizLangeMaternity."

Uhhh...that's awkward.*

*And for the record, totally and completely NOT APPLICABLE!


Rebecca said...


kimberly said...

This is inspiring Sara. This same thing has happened to me MULTIPLE times.

jenny said the other day that since she started wearing maternity pants, she doesn't think she'll ever go back because they are so awesome. ha!

lauren said...

I've done that too!! I'm not quite to the elastic pants stage yet, but now I do let my eyes linger a little longer on the maternity wear in Target juuuuust in case... I'm glad you found a coat!

Brian S said...




Sara said...

Um, not funny.


Sarah said...

lol LOVE IT. and many times i have almost bought a top because they are just so darn cute. way to go girl, enjoy that coat. bring it to nica to survive the rain! i promis i wont steal it