Ready, ready, (not) ready to run...


I bolt upright at the first sound of my alarm, adrenaline pumping furiously.

I fly into my clothes, quickly gather my hair into a sturdy knot, and begin lacing my shoes.

You can do this. It will be fine! Great cause. Good weather. Nothing to prove. And think of the personal fulfillment!

I inhale deeply, stomach churning.

Who are you kidding? What were you thinking?! You are going to die! People train for these things!

I exhale and set off for the race.

Ready...or not.


A couple stretches, a quick prayer--Lord, have mercy!--and the gun sounds. No turning back.

I break into a slow, easy jog. People pass me on both sides. Four miles of this? How will I ever make it?!

I turn up my music and fall into a steady rhythm. My rhythm. Left, right, left, right. Just keep going.

Just me and the open road. My calves begin to ache as I start up the hill. Stay steady. Focus.

Halfway now. A quick drink as I run past the cheering crowd. A quick smile as I pretend I belong. If you only knew...

Left, right, left, right.

Shirt drenched in sweat. Muscles screaming. Lungs burning. I consider stopping-- just for a little bit?--but then, from the sidelines, "You're doing great! Don't give up!" Maybe just a little further...

So close yet so far. Each step feels like a mile. Left, noIcan't/yesyoucan, right, butIhurt/justbelieve.

And just when I think I cannot go any further--

The final stretch. A roaring crowd. A finish line.

Praise the Lord.


A much-earned breakfast.

(With much-preferred company.)

A fresh perspective.

...More than worth it.


steph moore! said...

i am SO proud of you. for serious.

and let's see...can you visit?




don't forget the reese's eggs.

kimberly said...

YES!!! SARA!! I am so freaking proud of you. way to go.

today was a good day. :)

give me a call this weekend if you want to watch a jane austen movie! or the like.

lauren said...

That's so great! Good for you!! And thanks for the fresh perspective on the "perspective" link...I needed that.

Sarah said...

way to go sister! im bummed i wasnt there...bring those running shoes here ok??ive got something to show you