Dear Kansas City,

Allow me to introduce myself.

I like this and this and never miss an episode of this. I over-use this and this and tend to get completely freaked out by these. When I get really excited I talk LIKE THIS...but sometimes lately I feel a bit more like this. (I'm one of these, if that helps. And, okay fine, sometimes one of these too...)

I have been a resident of yours for a smidge more than a year now and I have to say, we sure got off to a rocky start. In fact, if I'm being honest, sometimes I hated your guts.

It's not that you did anything horrible to me, per se. It's just that in the overwhelming post-college transition, I found little comfort among your concrete walls and one-way streets and never-ending medians, for crying out loud.

My heart yearned for wide open spaces--and, what's more--a sense of belonging. And even though you are home to some of my very favorite people (bffs, if you will), I often felt, well, incredibly lonely.

Now, before you start thinking I'm one of these (incorrectly, I might add), I did enjoy a few* local gems right off the bat, and have since discovered even more reasons why people love you.

And so, KC, in the spirit of sunny skies and breezy days and an all-over sense of exhaling, I'd like to propose a little something:

This summer, between weddings and baby showers and going here and there (and learning to live apart from two of my very very favorite people), I'd like to start fresh.

Consider this a sort of handshake. A promise to give you a chance expectation- and judgement-free (or at least with a very concerted effort on my part). An opportunity to experience what you have to offer a girl like me. And what I have to offer you.

And maybe, someday, I will call you home.

In so many words, Kansas City, just show me whatcha got.

I will be anxiously awaiting your response.



(Oh...and if it's not too much to ask, could you please provide some really stellar fellow adventurers? Thanks a mil.)

*Okay, so QT isn't exclusively KC...but I just love it so much!


Drew Ryan said...

dude, well written and well thought out. very creative. i gotta say, as part of kc, let me say i'm glad you're here. not to mention, kc is proud to call you one of her own. she likes you. so, it is good you are entering a truce.

rachel rianne said...

mmm did you say fellow adventurers?

you can't tell, but my hand's stuck up in the air.

glad you love kc like you should love kc.

kimberly said...

my hand's up too. you name the day!

lauren said...

Umm ma'am? Is it time for summery adventures in the next few weeks? Should we pick a day? And start thinking about how much fun it's going to be? Or whatever?

Annie Peterson said...

Okay, I LOVE it that you put QT as a classic KC thing. I was just driving past it with somebody the other day and we mentioned how thoroughly helpful it is, everywhere you see it. It's the only place in the city we've found (so far) that you can get the Oatmeal Cookie flavored Ben & Jerry's. :)

And City Market is SO fun! I went at 6am once with a friend while it was still cold outside...freezing, but such a memory!

Have you been to Blanc in Westport? Way cool. :)

Alright, raving about cool KC things over. :)