As many pump-it-up workout tunes to keep my feet moving and my motivation strong.

Because, confession: the other day, someone asked me if I was a jogger.

And I said yes.

Which, I know was a tad premature but I mean, close enough...right?

And I mean, I want it to be true...

It's just that sometimes things get in the way. Such as, thunderstorms. And True Life marathons. And mint chocolate chip ice cream.

(Please don't judge me.)

p.s. Note: This is not wanted in any way, shape or form. In case you were wondering.


karlie nicole mann. said...

haha i LOVE the ps. what great memories. when are you free? i get done with work a week from tomorrow, but things have semi-slowed down. let's have a girls night or something!

lauren said...

Um... SOON! I was wondering the same thing!! What do you wanna do?! I vote something summery!!