Dynamic duo.

So, I know Adam is going to kill me but I CANNOT HELP MYSELF!

We have known each other for four years and finally have some pictures to show for it--that don't consist of lazy eyes or silly faces! Oh happy day!

I've posted a few here. You can find more at our fabulous friend Megan Kapple's blog here. She teamed up with our OTHER fabulous friend Donna to snap some shots on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Seriously...could we have better (or more talented) friends? I think not. Enjoy!

And THANKS FRIENDS! We are so blessed.


Michelle said...

Love them. How would you feel if one of those photos was my desktop background?

(btw...that was a joke. i'm not that creepy... although i still feel like i need to justify that fact.) ;)

lauren said...

So Cute!!! I love seeing your smiles. Congratulations again and again!!