From Thomas Merton's Contemplative Prayer (emphasis mine):

"Very often the inertia and repugnance which characterize the so-called "spiritual life" of many Christians could perhaps be cured by a simple respect for the concrete realities of every-day life, for nature, for the body, for one's work, one's friends, one's surroundings, etc.

"A false supernaturalism which imagines that "the supernatural" is a kind of realm of abstract essences (as Plato imagined) that is totally apart from and opposed to the concrete world of nature offers no real support to a genuine life of meditation and prayer. Meditation has no point unless it is firmly rooted in life."

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lauren said...

I'm so with you...love Thomas Merton, love that quote. Trying to get there. :)

nettierox said...

i love that last quote about meditation. how true is that? what is the point of meditating if you're not able to equate it to your life? LOVE IT. LOVE YOU!