You win some, you lose some.

Patron 1: Your blouse is super cute!
Me (while self-consciously thinking of the medium caramel macchiato* I just consumed): We could so be friends!


Patron 2: Ooh! Looks like someone got caught in the rain!
Me (while self-consciously touching completely dry curls): It may be time for a new hair gel...

p.s. Calories don't count right now. Challenge me if you dare.


lauren said...

Of course calories don't count right now! Easter candy should be enough indication of that. And I love your curls! (But if you're really in the market for a new product, I recommend Paul Mitchell Medium Hold Sculpting Foam. It doesn't get too crunchy or crispy.)

Sara said...

Oooh! Thanks friend! Noted.

Annnnnd Easter candy is on sale. I'M JUST SAYING!


rachel rianne said...

baah i wish i had been there.