Reading: This (thanks, Lauren!)

Watching: This (Bill is my fave. Hands down.)

Thinking: (From here. *Note: For some reason, his site seems to be experiencing difficulty right now, but bookmark it and check back later!)

"So here’s the question, and it’s a probing question: If you aren’t telling a good story to the people you love, who is? What I mean is, everybody loves a story. We simply can’t live without a good story. So if you’re not the one telling the story, who is? Is it the television, your kids friends, your wife’s boss, the girl who works at your husband's gym?

I don’t mean to be cryptic, because telling stories is actually a lot of fun. But I do mean to say that you matter, your voice matters, your actions matter, and you can tell the world a better story if you want to. And there are people around you who might like to join you." -Donald Miller

Loving: Living with my b-f-f (vomit if you want, go ahead!)...and also, my cute new rain boots! Target, we are kindred spirits.


jessieg said...

I feel is my obligation, my duty to comment. I wish every blogger would. Don't you feel like that's the ultimate reward for spending your time entertaining folks with your life? And carrying on, I'll have to check out the book, but LOVE Freaks and Geeks! And I think we're a bit kindred spirits: I, too, own a pair of Target wellies. Mine are navy blue with little anchors on them, because I imagine myself either in Seattle or the some rainy place on the east coast every day. :)

rachel rianne said...

i vomited,
only because you told me to.

Sara said...

Jessica--hilarious! I KNEW we'd be friends after one night of pouring rain and frantic wedding talk! We should force Breanna to have a reunion! P.s. CONGRATS ON THE HOUSE!!! :)

Rachel--I knew I could count on you. haha.