I was about to post about a quote I read recently that keeps popping into my mind and is just so true and I couldn't wait to share!

... but alas, I haven't posted said quote...because I googled it....because I didn't have the foggiest* where that quote came from...and THEN realized that NOT ONLY did I incorrectly remember said quote...BUT ALSO that it came from not a book at all, but the good ol' romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally.

Annnd there goes my credibility.

(Even more so when I confess what book I read IN TWO DAYS. I don't know what it is about that series and I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW it isn't exactly intellectually stimulating...but I couldn't stop myself! That British lady gets me every time with her ridiculous antics!)

It wouldn't be so bad but I've actually referenced this quote at least twice in the last week or so (because I do that sort of thing...see also the time this fall that I reported incessantly about the pumpkin shortage which lasted UM two weeks or something and resulted in me looking like a total wacko**--thanks for nothing, LIBBY'S!).

THE POINT IS, according to Marie, "Everybody thinks they have good taste and a sense of humor but they couldn't possibly all have good taste." 

But I think what she really meant to say was, "Everybody thinks they are rational and have a sense of humor."

You are welcome for blowing your mind.

...Maybe I should have written instead about how a 14-year-old tried to steal from me yesterday?***

*does anyone other than my mother use this phrase?
**what is WITH my sayings today? Yeesh.
***that's right, I said tried. I'm from Topeka, boy, you better get your story straight.


Sarah said...

you make me smile sister. :)

Sara said...

Right back at ya. :)

lauren said...

When Harry Met Sally is one of the prime holders of timeless wisdom, in my book. And have you seen the Shopaholic movie?! It's so fun!!

Sara said...

Lauren, thank you for the voice of confidence. ACTUALLY I was trying to figure out when I'd even seen that movie recently...and now I know who to blame! (haha juuust kidding) And YES I have but after reading this comment the other day when I was off work, I did it AGAIN! :)

nettierox said...

i adore sophie kinsella. all of her books are so humorous! she also writes under a different name and they are JUST as fabulous.

PS when harry met sally is an AMAZING movie! i do heart it!

Sara said...

Lynette--yes! I am so glad you can support my faves. Whew. Thanks for not judging. :)