Vote of confidence.

Scene: Co-worker's baby shower.

IMPORTANT NOTE: NO BABY ON BOARD OVER HERE.* Give me a freaking heart attack.
Me: Some of my friends are just so awesome about the whole being a mother thing! I really hope I'm laid back...

Her: Ha! No way. You'll be the most nervous mother yet.

Me: ...?!...

Happy weekending! Hope it includes peace and joy...after all, 'tis the season!

*In fact, let's just be crazy and forget what is apparently a (rather appalling) social norm and instead of inquiring on my baby status and checking out my waistline while doing so (rude and weird and horribly uncomfortable...yes, EVEN when you do it with a smile)...let's just assume that this is a baby-free zone** until further notice.
**I don't hate babies.


Sarah said...

:) sounds like its worse there than here! at least you don't have anyone assuming you are and then looking like an...well. you know.

hugs sister!

Katie said...

Well maybe if you stopped shopping in the Target maternity section...haha jk! I love you!

Sara said...

Sarah--maybe just worse because I am super sensitive in that area. Or maybe because I am a married Christian living in the Midwest? :)

Katie--I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WENT THERE! ...and I am NOT SORRY! That is the cutest coat and I stand by it! haha.