Taking crazy pills.

I'm leaving the country in less than a week.
(which always causes some underlying anxiety...anyone else?)

I woke up to a freaking weird dream.
(weird. weird weird. and disturbing. and sad. let's not talk about it.)

And the city's entire indoor football team (?!) just showed up at my work.
(also weird. but more of a hilariously weird.)

In summary: It's a two cup of coffee kinda day.
(p.s. I've slipped 5 times since I "gave up" soda. Please still be my friend.)



Rebecca said...

I hate that I encouraged one of your slip ups. Really, I do.

Also...somehow in our reuniting we didn't hit the fact that you're about to leave the country. Hmm...

Austin & Terri said...


Sara said...

Becca--Um REALLY you shouldn't because I am a big girl and make my own decisions. And just really wanted one. And loved every minute of seeing your face! And yes! The DR! OMG! With 15 teenagers! BECAUSE WE LIVE ON THE EDGE!!! haha

Terri--Can't wait to see YOUR face!