To read on a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day:

(or in my case, when you realize you have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad attitude about something that could be totally awesome, amazing, and perhaps even life-changing if I would just get over myself already)

From Seth Godin:

"The worst moments are your best opportunity.

That's how we judge you and how we remember you.

You are presumed to be showing us your real self when you are on deadline, have a headache, are facing a customer service meltdown, haven't had a good night's sleep, are facing an ethical dilemma, are momentarily in power, are caught doing something when you thought no one else was looking, are irritable, have the opportunity to extract revenge, are losing a competition or are truly overwhelmed.

What a great opportunity to tell the story you'd like us to hear about you."


Josh said...

I love me some Seth Godin! He's definitely a motivator..you should check out his latest book "Poke the Box". It's only like 98 pages...super fast read and it'll get you pumped up for life! LOL :D

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing, I needed to hear this about now. Miss you!

Sara said...

Josh--I know! Me too!!! I've heard of Poke the Box. I'll check it out!

Katie--Miss you too friend! Glad you liked it. You should read his blog! He's awesome. :)