One Year: Celebrate!

Off to escape with my bff-turned-husband for the weekend!

It'd be fun to write about the things we've learned and maybe I will soon, but for now all I can think about is OMG it's been a YEAR?!

And is this how fast life is going to fly by?!

And sure, it's not all rainbows and fairy tales, but it's still really freaking awesome.

A weekend full of remembering, dreaming and a whole lotta celebrating lies ahead.

Enjoy your days ahead, friends!

Ad and Sara's Wedding from Dean Behrens on Vimeo.


jenny said...

so, when i read "a whole lot of celebrating lies ahead" i thought, what lies are they celebrating??? then i got it.

i adore you. looking forward to having a computer at home during the day so i can keep following you!

Sara said...

ha! Jenny that is hilarious! You are the best. Love watching your garden grow...and your little lady too! :) Love you friend!