It's getting all Monica up in here.

Has anyone else out there taken a personality test recently? Those things really mess with my mind. It just makes me all psycho-analytical (heavy on the "psycho", light on the "analytical").

Like, I don't know! Do I strongly agree that life is good? A 4-good or a 5-good? Am I outgoing or not? Which shapes my life more--the past or future?! Um...?! Do I make my decisions with my heart or my head--HEART OR HEAD?! What are you REALLY ASKING ME, COMPUTER?! And why are these questions on a sneaky TIMER?!

And after all that, my highest-ranking category was Empathy. Kind of wanted to react like this.

*note: I know that it is a word, thankyouverymuch. But it just seems like a made up category. Like when people don't know you and write in your yearbook and say, "You are nice."

Anyway, I'm taking two days off so see ya next week! Got some serious relaxing to do.

OH! And in case you think I'm being especially harsh, don't worry. #4 on my list was Positivity. So...there's that.


Anonymous said...

probably my favorite episode ever. and we had to take a bunch of those in a "communications" class I took in high school...and I hated it. mostly because EVERY. SINGLE. test we took, I was completely split and not in one single category. and we had to write a paper about it. LAME. although, I am a bit more polarized now than I was then.

Sara said...

ha! was it a leadership class?! i feel like i did that too...haha. I was an ENFJ--wonder if I have changed? hmmm...also I am glad you appreciate the Monica reference. I know it's outdated but I do so love Friends!