Lately loving:

  • impromptu lunch dates...with my husband!
  • fresh strawberries in my (made-with-8-ingredients!) ice cream
  • QT drinks (DDP, two bursts of vanilla, easy on the ice)
  • lists that don't seem as urgent
  • shedding my cardigan as I walk out the door

Summer is the best.

p.s. Totally unrelated but I just have to add that anytime someone says, "It is hotttttt!"...I think of this. You are welcome.


hapi said...

Hi Sara, Nice blog! How to add the Glitter Effect Mouse Pointer to your Blog

lauren said...

Hahaha! Now I'll think of that video too...so great! And so glad the livin's easy in your summertime. :)

Katie said...

I made my coworkers watch that video so that's all they know about Topeka! haha

Austin & Terri said...

That video makes me smile!

rachel rianne said...

i'm so jealous of qt!!

karlie said...

Sara I loooove foster's home for imaginary friends. I even own it on dvd. So cute!!

Sara said...

Ha! I am so glad everyone enjoyed that gem. It is hilarious.

And Rachel, I am not going to lie, QT was my first favorite thing about KC!

And Karlie, I don't know anything about Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends except for this clip...but I will have to investigate further!!! :)