Story of my life.

We're driving around town and I'm relaying my office life conundrum of the day, which included the do I?/don't I? of extending the private lunch invitation to anyone who happens to be listening, even though technically it is my lunch break and should be able to go to lunch with one co-worker...right?! Plus, I was pretty sure that said lunch date would not appreciate the extended invite, but still, there's this guilt that inevitably follows when you don't, because what if everyone thinks you're being a jerk or something...you know what I mean?!

((long pause))

Husband's response: "I feel like you experience the most subtle awkwardness."


Austin & Terri said...

HAHAHA!! I laughed so hard at his comment!

Rebecca said...

Barely over a year married...he knows you so well :)

Sara said...

HA! Glad you appreciated this! I thought it was hilarious! Then again, I tend to think he is a pretty funny guy. :)